Women’s aha! Camp Closed…

After 10 exhilarating years, camp has closed. Take heart–Carolyn’s “this or better” idea is sure to bring something wonderful in it’s place!
(Until then, see below for a few camp aha!s to uplift your life.)

Where Women Go to Play & Grow

In the end, camp is a mindset. You can be there in a moment. It is a belief that women deserve a break in life…to play…to relax…to share laughter with each other (& heartaches)…to have a moment to themselves…to fill up their lives so they can naturally overflow on the other lives they touch


Take time away–step away from the house, the desk, the family, the routines. STOP!


Do nothing. Literally. Give your internal world a tiny rest. (The rest of the world will wait.)


Be with other women. Women need other women. Find the ones who fill you up.


What are you noticing lately that isn’t supporting you in your life? Time to revise that area. (One tiny step in any other direction gets you on your way.)


Sometimes it’s helpful to revisit ourselves at a lighter time in life. What made you giggle/smile/laugh? Do that!


You are a precious being in this universe. You matter. Equally. Own it. Live it.

“There is a divine unfoldment that is more magnificent than anything you can imagine.”

Carolyn Casey

Founder, Women’s aha! Camp

Watch, Read, Listen

(I may or may not be adding to this section…time will tell!)